Environmental Policy


Within the Fiesta Beach, our concern has always been to serve and take care of our customers, to ensure the well being of staff, support humanitarian and social activities and preserving the environment for tourism development and for ourselves.

For this reason we have adopted a progressive environmental management system and environmental labels: Blue Flag, Travelife, Green Key. Indeed, the quality management is in the interest of the hotel management, which is why Fiesta Beach has been certified ISO 14001: 2004 since 2010 and awarded:

  • The bronze medal in 2012 and silver medal in 2014 the Tourism Sustainability System "Travelife sustainability system".
  • The Blue Flag since 2012, which is an eco-label that handles the beaches.
  • The Green Key ecolabel in 2014 which is which deals with tourist accommodation.
  • To win this environmental management system and maintain eco-labels, the Directorate General is fully committed to putting all the human and material resources available to the quality and environmental security team to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Prevent, reduce and avoid as much as possible the pollution of the atmosphere, land and water.
  • Reducing consumption of natural resources (energy, water), recycling waste and sort to protect nature.
  • Encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to get involved in environmental protection.
  • Train and sensitize the hotel staff to protect the environment and comply with environmental policy.
  • Continuously improve environmental protection and promote good environmental practices to avoid anything that harms the environment.
  • Comply with applicable environmental regulations.
  • Reduce risks to the environment, customers and staff with a knowledge of emergency management procedures.
  • Our major concern is to acquire a clean and healthy environment for our future generations, for tourism development and for ourselves.

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